About Markitsoft.com

Markitsoft is based in Cambridge in the United Kingdom Markitsoft, a small software company specialising in the development of spreadsheets for financial planning, business modelling and management control. Based in Cambridge in the United Kingdom, we sell our spreadsheets around the world from China to the United States of America.

Managers, frustrated with the complexity and cost of implementing cumbersome database systems, are turning to us to solve specific financial planning problems, which can be achieved not only more efficiently with spreadsheets, but at a fraction of the cost, using technology that they are already familiar with.

As part of our services we provide training in Excel to help people learn how to get the most from spreadsheets. We also develop customised spreadsheets or tailor our existing software to suit our customers individual needs.

It's our strong belief that most people are only scratching the surface of the possibilities spreadsheets in general, and Excel in particular, can offer companies in solving a whole host or problems for a fraction of the cost of more complex and cumbersome database applications. It is our aim to help people get the most out of their existing investment in Excel by offering a range of useful standard software tools with the services they need to use them to their full potential.