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Budget Controller

Budget Controller is a financial planning tool for Microsoft Excel designed to help managers forecast the future profitability of their businesses. It uses business modelling techniques to quickly simulate future profit, cash-flow, and other key financial ratios. This budgeting software package enables managers, with or without financial knowledge to create business plans and do “what-if” simulations and sensitivity analysis to help them understand the impact of their decisions on their businesses.

Our budgeting software speeds up the budgeting and financial planning process and is an ideal tool for managers of organisations of all sizes in both the manufacturing and service sectors. It can be used as a flexible front end to more complex database budgeting software and group consolidation programs, allowing managers to get a comprehensive overview of their financial performance at a strategic level.

By simplifying the budgeting process, our software can turn what's often a mind-numbing ritual into a creative exploration of future opportunities. Budget Controller can generate results on-the-fly, providing managers with an essential tool to turn budget reviews from tedious discussions about arbitrary targets into a useful dialogue about possible strategies for future growth. For business start-ups and entrepreneurs looking to raise seed capital for their new ventures, Budget Controller is an ideal software tool for creating professional business plans. It has the added advantage over many business plan software packages in that Budget Controller can continue to be use for budgeting and financial planning once the venture is established.

Budget Controller can be updated with the latest actual financial information so that continuous rolling budgets can be maintained, giving managers a real insight into the probability of achieving their financial objectives. When purchased with its companion product, Control Panel, budgets can be compared with actual values, giving managers the monthly performance metrics they need for effective decision making.

Budget Controller allows for monthly financial projections of up to six years with multiple revenue and cost streams in one file. There is no limit to the number of budgets and business plans that can be created. Different versions can be saved in separate files and can even be linked to consolidate financial projections into one master file.

Budget Controller includes simple MRP (Materials Requirement Planning) functionality to help plan inventory levels and cash-flow forecasts. Managers can "drill down" to analyse the underlying details of the income statements, balance sheets and cash-flow reports and the financial projections can be displayed in yearly, quarterly or monthly formats.

The language dictionary enables our financial planning software to be easily translated into a second language, allowing users to switch between English and their own language at the click of a mouse button.

Budget Controller is a sophisticated and powerful financial modelling software tool, yet intuitive to learn and easy to use. Developed with Microsoft's Excel, the spreadsheet design and menu options will be familiar to managers around the world.

Product Features

  • Familiar and intuitive Excel interface.
  • Context sensitive help text. Comprehensive user guide.
  • Validation rules check for data consistency.
  • Fiscal year can start in any month.
  • Forecast can start in any month. Maximum of 6 years can be forecast in one file. No limit if multiple files are used.
  • Forecasts can be based on years, quarters, months and weeks.
  • Maximum of 10 user defined revenue streams can be forecast in one file. No limit if multiple files are used.
  • Within each cost category, 10 user defined costs can be created.
  • Costs can be split between fixed and variable for contribution and breakeven analysis.
  • Seasonal sales indexes can be created for distributing monthly sales.
  • Includes utilities to speed up data entry.
  • Views are collapsible for yearly and quarterly summaries.
  • Drill down facilities allows user to defined the level of detail on screen views and in hardcopy reports.
  • What-if scenarios and simulations can be performed without loosing your original data.
  • Production schedules can be created to forecast inventory levels.
  • The collection of receivables and payment of purchases can be scheduled for more accurate cash-flow forecasting.
  • Allows for capital investment planning with flexible payments schedules and automatic depreciation based on user defined rates.
  • Includes comprehensive financial planning tools for treasury and cash management, including automatic and manual lines of credit and investment calculations.
  • Calculates income tax based on user defined rules.
  • Allows for the creation of provisions that don't effect cash-flow.
  • Cost of sales and contribution reports at product level in value and percentage of sales.
  • Income statement in value and percentage of sales.
  • Balance Sheets that automatically remain balanced.
  • Cash-flow statement and reconciliation of changes in liquid funds.
  • Link to other Excel files to create your own layouts for Income, Balance Sheet and Cash-flow statements.
  • Key ratios include Altman's Z score model for forecast financial distress.
  • Graphs illustrate trends in Sales, Net Income and Cash Flow.
  • The Database Utility allows forecasts to be downloaded to Microsoft Access for integration with database applications.
  • Sales, purchasing and cost databases allow for extensive commenting on the underlying forecast assumptions. Comments and notes can be printed with their respective revenue or cost category and monthly value.
  • Multi-lingual support.

Spreadsheet Screen Shots

Budget Controller: Main Menu

Main Menu

Familiar and intuitive Excel interface with simple menu driven navigation for easy access.

Budgets can start in any month

Fiscal Year & Budget Start Dates

Fiscal year and budget/business plan can start in any month of the year.

Budget Controller has context sensitive help

On-Screen Help

Context sensitive help text (in English only).

Budget Controller is multi-lingual


Currently in English and Portuguese but the Language Dictionary permits users to enter a second language of their choice. The Language Dictionary can also be used to change text labels to descriptions that are more appropriate to your own organisation.

Sales forecast spreadsheet

Sales Forecast

Add your sales forecast to the 'Sales' worksheet or copy/paste it from our sales forecasting spreadsheet Sales Controller.

Sales budget can have ten revenue streams

Multiple Product Lines

Ten user defined revenue streams to consolidate products, services, regions, divisions or companies into a single forecast file.

Support for monthly rolling budgets

Respects Budget Start Date

Data entered before the start of a forecast is ignored but left for future reference. This saves time when doing rolling monthly forecasts.

Do what-if analysis on your sales budget

Adjust Sales by Product Lines

Sales can be adjusted by revenue stream to allow "what-if" analysis without loosing sight of your original data. Alternatively, you can use the adjustment fields to convert foreign currency transactions into your local currency.

Quickly spread sales budget across months and years of the forecast

Macros Automate Data Entry

Macros can distribute sales values across months and years to speed-up data entry.

Hide or show details of your budget

Summarise Views

Collapse and expand columns to show and hide details.

Add your own Excel functions

Add Your Own Formulae

Use the full power of Excel to add rational behind your assumptions.

Link Budget Controller to other Excel spreadsheets

Link to Other Spreadsheets

Link Budget Controller to your own detailed sales forecast or our sales forecasting tool, Sales Controller.

Add a seasonally adjusted sales budget

Seasonally Adjusted Sales

Quickly create seasonally adjusted sales throughout your forecast using the Sales Index sheet and Excel's Multiplier function.

Divide your budget into cost centres

Generic Cost Classification

Costs are broadly divided into functional areas: Manufacturing, (or Operational for service companies), Marketing, Admin, etc.

Divide your budget into fixed and variable costs

Fixed & Variable Costs

Costs are also classified by their behaviour in function to sales, i.e. fixed or variable, or a combination of both.

Variable costs change automatically with your sales budget

Variable Costs

Variable Costs change in proportion to sales. If you change your sales forecast, variable costs will change automatically to compensate for this.

Fixed costs are independent of your sales budget

Fixed Costs

Fixed Costs are independent of sales. Changes in sales have no effect on fixed costs.

Split variable costs into materials, labour and expenses

Variable Cost Types

Variable Costs are made up of Materials, Labour and Expenses. Each component is entered as a percentage of sales. The value is calculated automatically.

Do what-if simulations on your costs independently of the sales budget

Adjusting Variable Costs

Material, Labour and Expense costs can also be adjusted independently of sales to simulate, for example, an increase in raw material prices.

Test sensitivity of your budget with different scenarios

"What-If" Analysis

"What-if" analysis is a useful method of testing out different scenarios. You can see the effects by comparing your original values in the "unadjusted" sections with the results in the "adjusted" sections.

Budget Controller maintains a consistent structure throughout your budget

Manufacturing Costs by Product Line

All Variable Costs and Manufacturing Fixed Costs use the same product lines or revenue streams entered in the Sales worksheet so cost of sales and gross margin can be automatically calculated.

Define your own fixed cost classifications for your budget

Non Manufacturing Costs

All non manufacturing costs, like marketing, administration, etc., have their own cost classification independent of sales.

Add other accounting assumptions to Budget Controller

Other Costs

Other Items can be used to add other expenses or income that you may wish to keep separated from you main forecast. There are often technical accounting reasons for needing to do this, but many companies can ignore these sheets.

Budget Controller can forecast stocks and inventories


Manufacturing companies can forecast stocks by entering production lead times. Service companies can ignore this sheet or use it for controlling work-in-progress for long projects.

Add accounts receivable assumptions to your budget

Accounts Receivable

Forecasting the collection of money from your customers can be as simple or sophisticated as you need. Create your own schedule from the simplest scenario of 100% "cash" on delivery or 100% in 30 days, to the more complex example above.

Add accounts payable assumptions to your budget

Accounts Payable

Forecasting when you pay your suppliers works in a similar way to the Collections Schedule above.

Add assumptions about fixed assets and capital investments

Capital Investments

The purchase, sale and amortisation/depreciation of Fixed Assets is done in the Capital Investment sheet.

You can budget for bank loans and changes in equity and share capital

Financial Transactions

You manage your equity and cash in the Financial Transactions worksheet.

Budget Controller can automatically invest surplus cash

Loans & Bank Overdrafts

You can set up different types of medium and long-term loans and also tell Budget Controller to invest your surplus cash.

Budget Controller can calculated corporation tax

Corporation Tax

Enter the basic tax assumptions appropriated for your country and organisation to calculated corporation tax.

Make provisions that don't effect cash-flow


Make provisions that impact profit but have no effect on cash-flow. Many organisations won't need this facility and can ignore this sheet.

Cost of Sales Budget Report

Cost of Sales Report

The Cost of Sales Report allows you to analyse your gross profit, product by product. It's calculated automatically based on the assumptions made in the other spreadsheets.

Cost of sales as a percentage of your sales budget

Contribution & Gross Margins

The Cost of Sales Report is also expressed as a percentage of sales to give contribution ratios and gross margins by product.

Budget Reports - Income Statement or Profit & Loss Account

Income Statement / Profit & Loss Account

The Income Statement or Profit & Loss Account can display monthly, quarterly or yearly results. It's also calculated automatically based on the assumptions made in the other spreadsheets.

Budget reports are also presented as a percentage of sales

Profit & Loss as a Percentage of Sales

The Income Statement or Profit & Loss Account is also expressed as a percentage of sales and can be displayed monthly, quarterly or yearly (as shown above).

Budget Controller balances the balanace sheet automatically

Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet can be displayed monthly, quarterly or yearly and stays balanced throughout your forecast. It's also calculated automatically based on the assumptions made in the other spreadsheets.

Budget Controller automatically creates a cash flow statement

Cash-flow Statement

The Cash-flow Statement includes a reconciliation of the changes in liquid funds and is also calculated automatically based on the assumptions made in the other spreadsheets.

Budget Controller automatically calculates important key ratios

Key Ratios

Key Ratios are also calculated automatically and include context sensitive help text that defines the ratio and how it should be interpreted to aid users with non-financial backgrounds.

Budget Controller spreadsheets include graphs of key projections

Digital Dashboard

Graphs of Sales, Net Income and Cash-Flow help interpret the trends in your forecast. Additional graphs can be added by linking to your own Excel spreadsheets.

Link Budget Controller to your own Excel spreadsheets for further analysis

Link to Your Own Management Reports

Automatically update your own reports by creating dynamic links between Budget Controller and your own reporting packages and budget layouts.

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