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Control Panel

The key to our business intelligence software is its simplicity. By using Microsoft Excel, it employs an instantly familiar and intuitive user interface, which combines a clearly designed digital dashboard with distinctive income, balance sheet and cash-flow statements to provide a comprehensive management reporting system.

It allows managers to measure their monthly performance against budget, forecast and prior periods and quickly ascertain where corrective action is needed. Key performance indicators on the digital dashboard are flagged with a red, amber, green "traffic light" system to help managers envision the financial performance of their enterprises.

By leveraging the power of Excel and capitalising on your existing knowledge and investment in spreadsheets, our business intelligence software is an extremely cost effective and easy to deploy performance management system. Control Panel is designed to function as both a stand-alone application or in conjunction with our budgeting software, enabling budgets and forecasts to be imported and updated automatically.

As a stand-alone application, Control Panel can serve as both a performance management tool as well as a simple template for budgeting and forecasting, but it really excels when combined with the sophisticated financial modelling power of Budget Controller.

Control Panel includes a simple, but highly effective digital dashboard with performance management analytics comparing actuals with budget and forecast values for the current month, previous month and the same month last year on a monthly, year-to-date and annual (last 12 months) basis.

The digital dashboard and the clearly designed management reports for income statement (profit and loss), balance sheet and cash flow statement, combine to create a comprehensive business intelligence software tool to help managers measure the performance of their business.

Two years worth of data is stored in each file, allowing managers go back over prior periods with ease. It takes just a few minutes to add the monthly actuals, import the budget and forecast values from Budget Controller and email the management reports throughout the organisation, providing a fast and efficient management reporting system for effective performance management.

Product Features

  • Familiar and intuitive Excel interface.
  • Clean and professionally designed layouts for unambiguous management reporting.
  • Context sensitive help text.
  • Comprehensive user guide.
  • Fiscal year can start in any month.
  • Forecast can start in any month.
  • Works with any currency.
  • Maximum of 24 months can be analysed in one file. No limit if multiple files are used.
  • Digital dashboard provides the performance measurements for sales, gross profit, operating income, net income and cash-flow with monthly, year-to-date and annual values.
  • Monthly actual values are compared with budget, forecast, last year and last 12 months.
  • Flags can be parameterized by the user to highlight values if they fall outside acceptable tolerances.
  • Users can add comments to provide additional explanation to the reports.
  • Detailed Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement compares Actual, Budget, Forecast and Last Year's values.
  • Key Performance Indicators calculated automatically.
  • Add additional data for back orders and prospective order.
  • Can be used either as a stand-alone product for manual budgeting and forecasting or in conjunction with Budget Controller for powerful financial modelling.
  • Automatically import budgets and forecasts from Budget Controller.
  • Forecasts can be updated as necessary throughout the year.
  • E-mail reports throughout the organisation.
  • For an additional charge we can adapt the reports to your own requirements.

Spreadsheet Screen Shots

Based on Excel spreadsheets, Control Panel has a familiar interface

Familiar Excel Interface

Familiar and intuitive Excel interface with tabs for easy navigation.

Management reporting periods can start in any month

Enter Report Dates

The Fiscal Year, Forecasts and Reporting Period can start in any month.

Import budgets and forecasts from Budget Controller

Import from Budget Controller

Import budgets and forecasts from our popular budgeting tool, Budget Controller

Our management reports and digital dashboards work with any currency


Works with any currency. Automatically reset data for the start of a new year.

The digital dashboard displays key performance indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

The Digital Dashboard displays information on the following key performance indicators: Sales, Gross Profit, Operating Income, Net Income, Cash Flow

The digital dashboard also displays variance between actual and budget and forecast values

Includes Variance Analysis

The percentage variance highlights differences between budget, forecast and prior periods compared to the actual data for the current reporting period.

The digital dashboard highlights problem areas with traffic lights

Adjustable Traffic Light Flagging

"Traffic Light" flags highlight problem areas. The flags' sensitivity can be adjusted from the Main Menu so they change to red or green when the variances are over a specified percentage.

Graphs help managers envision their performance and examine trends

Graphs Display Trends

Graphs help managers envision their performance and examine trends.

The digital dashbard displays full year targets

Displays Results for Last 12 Months

Annual data helps managers track progress towards achieving their full year targets.

Add your own notes to the digital dashboard

Add Your Own Comments

Complement reports with your own notes, comments and explanations.

Management reporting includes a comprehensive income statement

Income Statement/Profit & Loss

The Income Statement (Profit & Loss) provides a detailed comparisons of your actual, budget, forecast and last years data for the current month and the year-to-date.

Management reports also include key performance indicators

Includes Useful Statistics

The statistics section provides useful information on your key performance indicators.

Management reports include an easy to read balance sheet

Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet compares last months value with the current month to help you spot changes in how your capital is being used.

The balance sheet also includes key performance indicators

Includes Balance Sheet Statistics

Additional key performance indicators are calculated automatically in the 'Statistics' section of the Balance Sheet.

The cash flow statement is an important part of the managment reporting process

Cash Flow statement

The Cash Flow statement illustrates where your money is coming from and go to.

The cash flow statement reconciles changes in cash and bank balances

Cash Flow Reconciliation

The Cash Flow Statement also highlights any problems with the reconciliation of your Cash and Bank Deposits in the Balance Sheet.

Creating the management reports is quick and easy

Easy to Update

It takes less than 30 minutes per month to manually add your actual values. Alternatively, its usually possible to create an interface with your existing accounts software (not included as standard).


Import Budgets from Budget Controller

Automatically import your budget from our popular financial modelling tool, Budget Controller or use Control Panel to prepare your budgets manually.


Import Forecasts from Budget Controller

Your forecast can start in any month, can be imported automatically from Budget Controller or can be added and updated manually.

Note: Generally companies do a budget for the year and periodically update the budget throughout the year. The revised budgets are normally called forecasts.

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