Excel credit scoring spreadsheet for effective credit control
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Credit Controller

The old adage "time is money" is as true today as ever. The timely collecting of outstanding debts depends heavily on the judicious allocation of credit in the first place.

Our credit control spreadsheets can help you do just that by determining the creditworthiness of your customers. This Microsoft Excel based credit analysis tool uses credit scoring techniques to produce a comprehensive credit report, recommending a credit limit and credit score for each customer.

In the current financial crisis it is more evident then ever that not all sources of information are equally reliable. If it didn’t before, your due diligence should now include background checks from several sources. Credit Controller allows you to cross reference information from banks, suppliers, financial reports and credit bureaus together with your own experience and judgement to make better informed decisions.

Our credit control software brings it all together in a clearly designed and easily digestible credit report. Each product can be individually "tuned" to your company's specific credit policy to provide fast and consistent decisions for customers opening new accounts or for the revaluation of existing accounts. It enables credit decisions to be delegated to less qualified staff, freeing up senior employees for other functions.

Credit Controller has 27 credit scoring elements that can be individually tuned to match your own credit policy. Credit scoring can be adjusted to give more or less emphasis to actual, average or trend values in accordance with your own opinion of how each should be weighted.

The spreadsheets also include a customer credit rating so you can classify customers by their creditworthiness and the risk they present to your organisation. By classifying your customer database with the credit rating, you can quickly sort customers into groups and focus your attention on high risk, high turnover accounts and less on low risk, low turnover accounts.

Once tuned to conform with your organisations credit policy, Credit Controller will consistently recommend credit limits and credit ratings in a predictable and coherent fashion. This allows senior staff to delegate credit appraisals to less qualified employees. By automating the credit appraisal process, senior staff can concentrate on credit request rejected by Credit Controller. Consequently, by filtering out problem and higher risk credit requests, the vast majority of requests for credit can be approved automatically.

Product Features

  • Familiar and intuitive Excel interface.
  • Only key financial elements required, keeping data entry time to a minimum (less than 10 minutes).
  • Automatically highlights possible data entry errors.
  • Context sensitive user help text and user guide.
  • Automatically recommends a credit limit, payment conditions and payment method based on a credit risk assessment.
  • Automatically generates a customer credit rating based on the importance of the account, the financial risk involved and your own collection experience.
  • Provides the means to cross reference information from various sources and quantify it to produce systematic and objective decisions.
  • Print reports for distribution or archiving.
  • Save each credit request for future reference.
  • E-mail the decision process to those involved.
  • Problem areas are highlighted for quick analysis and assessment.
  • Mini graphs show key trends and credit scores.
  • Four stage decisions process:
  • 1. Limit requested by salesman.
  • 2. Credit Controller suggests an appropriate limit.
  • 3. The credit manager recommends a limit.
  • 4. Financial Director approves final limit.
  • If the credit limit requested is equal to or less than the limit suggested by Credit Controller the request could be approved automatically, speeding up the decision process and saving management time for other tasks.
  • Credit Controller can be tuned to your own company's credit policy and method of assessing credit risk. The tuning section has password restricted access for security purposes.
  • Multilingual facility enables easy translation into a second language. Users can switch between English and their own language.

Spreadsheet Screen Shots

Based on Excel, Credit Controller has a familiar menu and is easy to use

Familiar Excel Interface

Familiar and intuitive Excel interface with tabs for easy navigation.

Credit Controller is multi-lingual


Multi-lingual support. Currently in English and Portuguese but the Language Dictionary permits users to enter a second language of their choice. The Language Dictionary can also be used to change text labels to descriptions that are more appropriate to your own organisation.

Context sensitive help text helps credit analysis for non-financial managers

Context Sensitive Help Text

Context sensitive help text helps credit analysis for non-financial managers (in English).

Add credit data into the customer credit report

Collect Credit References

The credit data you have obtained from your normal sources, such as credit rating agencies, banks and suppliers is entered into the customer's information worksheet.

The credit report also scores your own collection experience with the customer

Add Your Own Debt Collection Experience

Add your own experience, if any, in collecting debts from this customer.

Add information from banks and suppliers into the credit report

Check Other Sources

Enter more subjective criteria about the creditworthiness of your customer from conversations with banks, credit rating agencies and the customer's suppliers.

Credit Controller scores the data and suggests a credit limit and the conditions of sale

Credit Score & Credit Rating Calculated Automatically

Credit Controller scores the data and suggests a credit limit and the conditions of sale. If the suggested limit is lower than that needed for the sale, management has the option of weighing risk versus reward and approving their own limits, providing a consistent and systematic approach to credit risk analysis.

The credit report is summarised in mini graphs

Graphs Summarise Credit Report

Mini graphs summarise the key information in the credit report giving the score and trend for the main data elements.

You can tune Credit Controller to your own company's specific credit policy

Tuning Credit Control

You can tune Credit Controller to your own company's specific credit policy. Once tuned Credit Controller can be placed in 'operational mode', restricting user access only to areas relevant to them

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