Markitsoft Partner Programs

Excel spreadsheets for financial planning and controlMake money from selling our Excel spreadsheets! Our niche financial modelling software tools are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to quickly solve and simplify daily business tasks such as preparing budgets, business plans, sales forecasts, credit appraisals and management reports.

If you own a web site or are involved in the financial services sector, we are offering you a unique opportunity to benefit from selling our software. Choose between our Affiliate Program or Reseller Agreement and start earning money today!

Affiliate Program

Enrol in the Controller Series Affiliate Program and start earning money from our financial modelling software today!Earn up to 15% commission on sales that you referred to us. Start earning commission in minutes; simply email us your clients details and  if they then buy from our site within 90 days, we will pay you up to 15% of the sales value. Contact us for details.

Reseller Program

Enrol in the Controller Series Reseller Program and earning money from our financial modelling software.Our reseller program gives you the opportunity to purchase our software at 35% below our list price. As a reseller, you are free to charge whatever price you choose for the software and may decide to bundle it with your own value added services like training, support or consultancy services such as financial and strategic planning, business planning and budgetary controls. Contact us for details.